Dottie ErdmannThough I began by sculpting an autobiographical figure, the years have given proof to what a universal image that lanky kid is. Let me personalize a keepsake of a special memory handmade just for you from a favorite photo or description.

As seen on "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood"

Bus Stop Kids

Welcome to my world... for thirty years I've been sculpting small people. I create children as we remember ourselves and reflect on our families. I've created a style that's a step beyond reality to give my work gentle humor as I recall our fleeting, fragile childhood.

As different as our families are, so are the hundreds of kids I've made through the years. These photos are just a suggestion of what might be a special recollection for you. Let me personalize that image, or make the one you choose here. Each sculpture will be hand made for you. For details on having your own Dottie's Kid made, please contact Dottie.

Now let me introduce you to Dottie's Kids!

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